Debt Collection Management: Get Paid On Time EVERY TIME!

Course Description

If your business is struggling to keep its head above water because of unpaid invoices that are owed to you, then this course is just for you!
This course has been designed for ANY small to medium sized business owner, executive, manager or supervisor that wants to learn how to:
  • Increase their cash flow
  • Reducing bad & doubtful debt
  • Enhance, nurture & protect their client relationships
  • Communicate more effectively with internal & external stake holders
I will be teaching you the tips, tricks & strategies that I have used in helping many multi million dollar business turn around their business from ‘debt collection‘ hell into ‘cash flow‘ heaven!
This comprehensive course will also cover:
  • Complaint handling & resolution techniques
  • Understanding client & debtor personality types for great success
  • Establishing meaningful Key Performance Indicators for your staff